Staff is the fundamental long weapon in nearly every style of kung fu and yet many students don't get the opportunity to learn it's applications. These drills are designed to teach proper staff technique against a forceful attack. You will learn the drills slowly and static at first and then moving and circling as you advance. This is a great way to develop power, control, distance and timing.
Sifu Tomaine will cover the first 5 drills, to include technique names, footwork and application.
As a perpetual student and traveler, Sifu Tomaine has been fortunate to learn from many skilled and knowledgeable people. His Kung Fu training has consisted of Fujian Hung Ga, Northern Long Fist, Mizong and Jow Ga. He now resides in Scottsdale Arizona.
Sifu Edward Tomaine
Jow Ga Kung Fu - Two Person Staff Drills