The Jian or “Gentleman of Weapons” may not be so gentlemanly. Known for its refinement and sophistication, many find it one of the most difficult weapons to master due to it’s subtle and soft nature. Discover the methods of attack defense, and countering methods that make up the core principles of the jian and lend it the nickname “death by 10,000 cuts.” Learn with dynamic single and two person drills and how to integrate into your practice.
Sifu Nic has been honored and humbled to teach across the United States, having founded or led Eight Step Preying Mantis schools in San Francisco, Oakland, Taos, and Albuquerque, and as a guest of the Government of Taiwan teaching in HungKuan University.
All proceeds to go to benefit the family of
Sifu Frank Rivera.
Sifu Nic Baker
Eight Principles of Straight Sword
With Training Methods