Tai Chi Chuan - to flow like a river as still as a mountain.
Pt:1 - Stationary push hands:
The concept of the mountain "root" is firmness, stillness and "ting" listening ability. Learn how the Yang style postures are used in actual combat by applying the movements from a stationary position. Understand the application of each move from your form gives true intention, without it you're just moving around with no direction or purpose. Having the intention will give your practice more merit and meaning.
Pt:2 - Moving step push hands: to flow like a "river"
Applying the principles of stationary to moving step, understanding how to yield and counter attack without breaking the rhythm and flow. Somewhat of a dance using the footwork creating distance and filling space. Moving step is not actual combat and should not be present it that way, it's a practice of becoming comfortable with being touched or pushed. Excepting and re-directing an attack by countering, offsetting your opponent's rhythm and pushing them off balance with total ease.
This workshop is safe and educational and a must for any tai chi player that wants to further their practice.
Sifu Christophe Clarke
Pushing Hands - The Art of Being Pushed