This year we will be holding the first Desert Dragon Grand Championship Division
AKA the Sunternal Division!!!
To be eligible for this division you must compete in the advanced categories and participate in at least three events: an empty hand event (internal or external), a weapon event (internal or external), and a reaction skill event (sparring, push hands, shuai jiao, or chi sau).
The top five advanced competitors will be entered into the Grand Championship Division. They will be selected based on scores in the forms events. The results of the reaction skills events will not be a factor but competitors must complete the reaction skill event to qualify (no disqualifications or withdrawals).
The selected competitors will then chose one empty hand form and one weapon form to compete with. They can be the same forms that the competitor did previously or new forms. The Grand Champion will be determined by the cumulative scores of those two forms.
Intermediate competitors who score above an 8.0 in one their events may choose to compete in the advanced divisions for a chance to qualify for the Grand Championship.
The Desert Dragon Grand Championship Event is made possible by our premium sponsor Sunternal Solar.